No Wonder Michael Jackson Likes Little Boys

He has lost his Y chromosome…

No, that is not Teri Hatcher vamping, it’s that cute little Michael Jackson, the former King Of Pop, trying to attract some attention before it is too late and he is relegated to the Liberace chandelier graveyard.

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8 Responses to No Wonder Michael Jackson Likes Little Boys

  1. Dusty says:

    Damn, it does look like Terri Hatcher!

    Sweet Jebus in a speedo..this guy is STILL around? Isn’t he broke yet?

  2. Big Fella says:

    “Isn’t he broke yet?”

    He is getting there, Neverland Ranch was listed as being in default this week. Maybe he should talk to OJ and get some tips about hiding his assets.

  3. Dusty says:

    I lived within a few miles of “Neverland” and its a beautiful little valley sitting in the midst of the Santa Ynez mt range. He has had it on the market for years now and evidently no buyers.

    It’s a garish ‘ranch’, if you can even use the term ranch. Its a kiddie playland that is falling apart from neglect. It looks like a carnival gone to hell.

    He is also the owner of the beatles catalogue..unless he got desperate enough to sell that off by now.

    amazing..simply fucking amazing.

  4. Big Fella says:

    Agree, Dusty, the Santa Ynez area is really nice, I really like the terrain beginning around Gaviota and then what you see along 101 through Santa Maria. Admittedly I have fantasized about owning the Neverland Ranch, only if I did, all those props to attract children would be removed, and the property put back in to a more pristine condition.

    Yes he does or did own the Beatles catalog, but I think he does not get much out of it, because I think he is really highly leveraged with loans against all of his assets. My impression is that besides having an unnatural attraction to children, the guy runs through money like it is water, and much of it goes for schlock. He collects “things” whether home furnishings or children to make himself feel better about himself, filling a void in a truly empty life.

    The guy lost his way a long, long time ago, and has wasted years and unknown sums of money to try and change who he is, when there was nothing wrong with what he originally was:

    Truly a sick individual, and a pathetic life.

  5. Stanley says:

    I believe its new nick name is the “King of Tot” is it not?

  6. ms. place says:

    I’m willing to bet that when Mikey looks at that photo he sees exactly what he wants to see and he feels pride. Poor guy never stood a chance. I’ll trade my life for his any day. At least I had a childhood.

  7. massiel says:

    we u hating on michael hes not broke hes better than anyone an ur a hater now stop dam live him alone

  8. Big Fella says:

    We do not hate Michael Jackson, we would just like to see him acknowledge his mental illness and get some proper treatment. Maybe then he will lose his unhealthy attraction to small children, and start handling his affairs like a responsible adult.

    He is living in the past, while the house of cards falls down all around him.

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