The Shafting Of Our Soldiers: Time To Take Action

As I discussed in my last postilng titled “The Shafting Of Our Career Soliders: Continues Unabated” I had reached a point of outrage over the fact that the Army Medical Corps is systematically mis-diagnosing PTSD war casualties as having a Personality Disorder, which then requires that these solders be given Chapter 5-13 discharges, which in turn disqualifies them from receiving any military medical or retirement benefits and which places them outside of the umbrella of Veterans Administration services.

Well it is time to put my money where my mouth is.  It gives me no great pleasure in the fact that this has to be done, but it does give me some pleasure in the fact that I have figured out a way that I, and all of you can do something to help re mediate the dire situation faced by our disabled patriots.  I have launched a new web site and an advocacy campaign for active duty military personnel and veterans who are PTSD casualties.

Please visit my new web site FIGHT-PTSD.ORG.

Please pass this link along to family, friends, fellow bloggers, colleagues and acquaintances.  Please join me in my Army Campaign which has two immediate goals:

1.  To lobby Congress to pass two bills which would temporarily freeze all Chapter 5-13 discharges.

2.  Through a grass roots campaign, pressure the Surgeon General of the Army and the Army as an institution to cease the misdiagnosing and railroading of PTSD casualties.

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4 Responses to The Shafting Of Our Soldiers: Time To Take Action

  1. Your new website Fight PTSD is a must read for all.
    As a substance abuse counselor, I’m seeing this more and more.
    Congratulations on a job well done with this blog.

  2. Big Fella says:

    Thanks so much, Deanna. Somehow I think PTSD has been around a hell of a lot longer than people realize. Think about all of the homeless, substance abusing veterans that have been on our streets for years and years. We all need to educate ourselves about this, and reach out when and where we can.

  3. Dusty says:

    Hey Big Fella, PTSD has been around for wasn’t until the Vietnam War that it got a name. Then, our govt tried to ignore it for the detriment of millions of veterans.

  4. Big Fella says:

    Oh yes, I know, and I allude to the fact that PSTD has been around for a very long time on the FIGHT-PTST.ORG site. I know and I am sure you know, that there are many “walking wounded” from the Vietnam era, and I am sure those before them in WWII and Korea, if they are still around, are still hurting. We need to recognize and care for all of them.

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