Thank Jesus, God, Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Britney Spears (Or Whoever You Worship)…

that you do not live in the Sudan.

As reported by Xan Rice and Andrew Heavens, for The Guardian in a story headlined “British teacher charged with insulting Islam over teddy bear’s name“, Gillian Gibbons, a 54 year old ex-patriot British primary school teacher is in jeopardy of being fined, jailed, and lashed, all because she encouraged her 7 year old students to name a teddy bear:

Gibbons arrived in Sudan in August to take up a post at the exclusive Unity high school, which follows a British-style curriculum. In September, during a class on animals and their habitats, she asked her seven-year-old pupils to give a teddy bear a name. They chose Muhammad, the name of one of the boys in the class and a popular name in Sudan.

Last week the education ministry informed the school that a few Muslim parents had complained about the name, and police arrested Gibbons at her home in the school grounds.

Sudan’s top clerics, known as the Assembly of the Ulemas, said in a statement on Wednesday that parents had handed them a book the teacher was assembling about the bear. “She, in a very abusive manner, used the name of Prophet Muhammad, may Allah shame her,” the statement said.<.span>

OK, encouraging her students to innocently name a teddy bear, while teaching a lesson about animals and their habitats, and the students choose the name of a student, a name that is very popular in this culture and a name that parents often choose for their children, is actually “abusive” behavior by the teacher towards the esteemed prophet of the same name. Rrrrrright… that is about as rational as permitting a genocide in Darfur, Sudan.

If Muhammad is a real prophet and a just prophet, maybe he can arrange for some Singaporeans to come in and give those local clerics, the Assembly of the Ulemas a fine caning, for having their priorities all wrong.

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3 Responses to Thank Jesus, God, Buddha, Allah, Krishna, Britney Spears (Or Whoever You Worship)…

  1. ms. place says:

    Two Sudanese boys live in my house with me. They have been damaged for life. One watched his family get shot all around him as they swam across the river, forced back into the Sudan by the refugee country that rejected them. He was around 6 years old at the time. Now in his 20’s, he cannot get past the horror, asking himself over and over again, “Why did I survive? The bullets were all around me.”

    The other ‘lost boy’ was only 3 years old when his Christian family was killed. He walked or was carried for 2,000 miles (without food, water or money), spent 15 years in a refugee camp, and is now studying to become a doctor so he can return to the Sudan and take care of his people.

    Both boys are the kind of heroes that the Bushliburton people will never be able to understand. Their quiet lives of strife and emotional agony are not ‘sexy’ electable topics. None of today’s politicians even mention the genocide in Darfur as an event we should worry about.

  2. Big Fella says:

    You know, what struck me today, Ms Place, is the fact that for the last couple of days the media have been all over the story of the teacher’s predicament, but none of the media reports juxtapose that with the Darfur genocide story.

    What the hell is wrong with these people?

  3. Noron says:

    Britney is my favorite singer! I really love her! Especially i like her first album!

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