What Were They Thinking Department: Make-Up or Mock-Up?

Transexual starlet Amanda Lepore, celebrating her 40th birthday.  Honey, when they counseled you before your hormone shots and operation, did no one suggest you consult with a beauty consultant and not some character from Archie Comics?

Updated 13-Dec-07:

Poor Amanda, it’s cold out there, but apparently she did not have any warm clothes to wear at a recent Christmas party in New York.  Or is it that in Amanda’s world this is how you do celebrate the imminent arrival of St. Nick?  Hope she asked for some food for Christmas.  Helpful hint to any erstwhile Lotharios on the prowl for action at the local stroll, before closing the deal, look at the hands, look at the hands…

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2 Responses to What Were They Thinking Department: Make-Up or Mock-Up?

  1. ms. place says:

    So what mirror do these people gaze into where they see beauty instead of a face that would scare a badger? I hate to see truly beautiful faces like Priscilla Presley’s and Faye Dunaway’s destroyed by face lifts, however. This person was probably never very attractive to begin with.

  2. Big Fella says:

    Unfortunately, in this day and age, I think far too many people think it is all about the flash, and not the humanity behind the face-lifts, make-up and “fashionable” attire.

    “Hey, look at me!” does not cut the mustard in terms of being able to consider oneself a contributing member of the human race.

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