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Always concerned about Internet security, the information security team at BFD Blog! keeps their noses to the ground and our rabid security experts have sniffed out a new user authentication product from a small Silicon Alley start-up that promises to revolutionize the computer industry.  After deployment of this product business, industry, academia, the government and the military will all have the most accurate, fool-proof, impostor defeating, cutting edge, user authentication protocol available on the planet.

No more need to issue user passwords, no more need to enforce complex and convoluted password “rules”, no more need to juggle hard to remember passwords, no more session aborts due to invalid passwords, no more nasty memos from security officers when failing to comply with password protocols, no more sharing of ID’s and passwords, no more non-productive staff because they have forgotten their password and it will take three days to get a new one from information security, no more titillation of security officers when perusing password exception reports for sexually explicit passwords.  This revolutionary new computer security technology is the perfect marriage of biology and electro-mechanics.  It is all laid out below, in the circular that came over our transom today:

BFD Blog! – Proud To Be On The Cutting Bleeding Edge Of Technology…

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