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Bush’s Last Defiant Act As President: Fomenting Another War

In an article headlined “Bush Urges Arab Allies to Confront Iran” in the New York Times Steven Lee Myers reports: In an address to government and business leaders here, Mr. Bush focused not only on what the United States suspects … Continue reading

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151,000 – The Forgotten Number

We are all familiar with the number that is currently 3,921, but how many of the members of the American Executive and Legislative branches of government are familiar with, or have any interest in the number 151,000 which is an order … Continue reading

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The Catholic Church: Upside Down Logic, Again

In an article dated January 8 in the Guardian, Tom Kington reports that the Catholic Church wants to exhume the body of a priest who has been dead 40 years, and then place it on display: To celebrate the 40th … Continue reading

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Spread The Word: Free Fouad & Don’t Allow It To Happen Here

Fouad al-Farhan, a citizen of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been arrested and is being held in jail by Saudi authorities because he has been doing something that many of us take for granted, publishing his blog. As reported … Continue reading

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Decision 2008: “NIXon Clinton”

We have already suffered through the Bush dynasty, we don’t need a Clinton dynasty.  Hillary talks through both sides of her mouth, just like most of the other mainstream pols, no matter what party.  Hillary is also part of the … Continue reading

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