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Fouad Freed

Fouad al-Farhan, the Saudi blogger jailed last year by authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, apparently because of what he was blogging about has been released from prison. In a story published April 27 the Washington Post reported: Fouad … Continue reading

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When The Violence Is Brought To The Children: It Has Gone Too Far

Photo: Joao Silva/NYTimes As reported in a story by Michael R. Gordon in the New York Times with the headline “Civilians Suffer in Sadr City’s Daily Gun Battles” BAGHDAD — Ayman, bleeding profusely from his arm, was rushed to Company … Continue reading

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Iraq Moratorium Day #8; April 18

Following is from The Iraq Moratorium, a nationwide grassroots movement uniting individuals and groups against the Iraq war, will be observed on Friday, April 18. Since September, the Iraq Moratorium has asked people and groups opposed to the war … Continue reading

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Condi Rice: Torturer & Would Be Running Mate

This is someone that is being played up in the media as a potential running mate for John McCain: Since Condi has done such a stellar job, both as National Security Adviser and Secretary of State for Bushliburton, … Continue reading

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My Newest Hero: Robert Reich

In his blog yesterday the former secretary of labor called out the mainstream media and the political establishment (read McCain and Billary spinmeisters) for criticizing Barak Obama’s recent remarks about the bitterness in the heartland. I was born in Scranton, … Continue reading

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Taking Care Of Those On The Line

Support the new GI Bill. Sign the petition to John McCain, convince him to stand up and do the right thing, instead of dodging the issue and his responsibility to those who serve for him and all of us. Then … Continue reading

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Bushliburton: Making Of A Police State

The headline from the USA Today story reads :Secret Service asks tourist to delete photos outside new baseball stadium”: A uniformed police officer from the Secret Service directed a tourist to delete photographs that he took Sunday outside Nationals Park … Continue reading

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