Bushliburton: Making Of A Police State

The headline from the USA Today story reads :Secret Service asks tourist to delete photos outside new baseball stadium”:

A uniformed police officer from the Secret Service directed a tourist to delete photographs that he took Sunday outside Nationals Park in Washington, the local CBS affiliate reports.

Mark Butler, a visitor from Minnesota, says the officer told him to delete images of the new stadium because they included security checkpoints that were set up at outside one of the gates because President Bush was due to throw out the opening pitch.

“It’s kind of like not being in America,” Butler tells WUSA-TV.

What’s next Bushliburton, are the Thought Police going to demand that we erase those nasty thoughts we have about your trying to ram FISA down our throats, or your war crimes at Abu Ghraib, or your disregard of the judicial process at Guantanamo, or the railroading of your political enemies, be they honest U.S. Attorneys or a Democratic governor?

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2 Responses to Bushliburton: Making Of A Police State

  1. bigassbelle says:

    alas, by the time the general public comes to know what is happening to us, how our constitution is being destroyed in little nibbles and bits, it will be too late.

    i just listened to martin luther king talk about “too late,” and it strikes me that it may well be too late to reclaim our country.

  2. Dusty says:

    Fearmongering bastards.

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