The First Digital Camera

The first digital camera was invented by Steven J. Sasson, an electrical engineer on the payroll at Eastman Kodak, more than 30 years ago. That is Mr. Sasson and his prototype in the digital picture above.

After inventing digital photography in the 1970’s, Kodak promptly buried it, as they did not want anything to usurp the market for film emulsion.

It is ironic, how it has all worked out.

Kodak no longer manufactures film cameras, only digital. In 2007 $6.4 Billion of Kodak’s $10.3 Billion in sales came from digital products.

From this:

To this:

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2 Responses to The First Digital Camera

  1. Ollie says:

    Nice looking toaster.

  2. Dusty says:

    I remember reading about this many moons ago. The pictures are great BF!

    Kodak fought the digital revolution for years. How stupid was that??

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