One Saudi Blogger Saved; Now One Is Lost

Hadeel Alhodaif, author of literary pieces, courageous female Saudi blogger and champion of Fouad Al-Farhan (the Saudi blogger jailed last year for the act of blogging) died at age 25.

Michael Theodoulou, writing for The Times of London relates the spirit of Ms. Alhodaif:

“I would like to educate Saudi women about the importance of blogging as an efficient medium that can greatly influence public opinion,” she told a female audience at the Riyadh Literary Club last year.

Ms Alhodaif’s wry sense of humour was to the fore last year when the Kingdom’s strict policy on segregating the sexes meant that her play, “Who Fears the Doors”, premiered before a male-only audience at King Saud University.

“I guess I have to beg the male audience to inform me how my play was produced,” she wrote.

“I hope that a day comes when I can attend a cultural function where the presence of women does not cause anyone an allergic reaction.”

Hadeel Alhodaif never got to experience the audience’s reaction to her play while walking this Earth, let us hope things are different from her perspective now.

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