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The Waiter’s Thanksgiving Message

Steve Dublanica was known in the blogosphere as the anonymous “Waiter”, author of the Waiter Rant blog, who came out from behind his anonymity this year when his book by the same name was published.  Steve originally studied in a … Continue reading

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Will Afghanistan Be Obama’s Iraq?

Now that it seems hostilities are simmering down in Iraq, we will be paying more attention to Afghanistan. Readers will remember Afghanistan, it is, after all where the United States first struck back in the War on Terror. We were … Continue reading

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Why Blue Water Cruising Attracts The Blue Hair Set Are We Having Fun Yet? – Watch more free videos Because there is never a dull moment. Keep in mind, the camera is fixed to the bulkhead, so it is not apparent when the horizontal plane shifts… except for … Continue reading

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Piloting The Bailout: Pirates At The Wheel

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has spent his initial allotment of $350 million in bailout funds, and it doesn’t seem as if there has been any impact on the economy. Banks are still not making loans, businesses large and small have … Continue reading

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Justice Saudi Style; It Could Happen Here

Every time I read one of these stories, about the application of Islamic justice, it disturbs me. The latest, but by no means most horrific recent story is about an Egyptian doctor who was recently found guilty of malpractice by … Continue reading

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Right Wing Talk Radio Taken To Task…

And rightly so. Media Matters for America in an item titled It’s Not Just Limbaugh and Hannity today calls out right wing talk radio big time. This is something worth paying attention to because these right wing demagogues are going … Continue reading

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A Milestone & Affirmation; With Challenges Ahead

Yesterday was a milestone in American history, the emotion felt in homes, and public gatherings around the country, and broadcast across the airwaves was palpable as a country founded on the backs of slaves elected its first African-American president.  We … Continue reading

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