Right Wing Talk Radio Taken To Task…

And rightly so. Media Matters for America in an item titled It’s Not Just Limbaugh and Hannity today calls out right wing talk radio big time. This is something worth paying attention to because these right wing demagogues are going to really gear up, now that the election has changed the governing ladscape. This is no time for us to be complacent. Rational, humanistic, fair indiduals and institutions will need to be ready to immediately counter the hateful crap that is sure to emanate for the rightwing talk radio blowhards. While Barack Obama garnered (as of noon today’s reported count) 64,266,126 votes, there were still 56,649,160 voters out there who did not see it the same way. What is not known, is how many of those 56 million odd voters are either low information voters, or out and out right wing nutjobs who are prime, eager targets as recepticles of right wing radio blather.

On a related item, MSNBC is reporting that gun sales are up in red state heartland. This development was not unexpected by this observer and it does raise concern that the constituency of the conservative base, may be so suspectible to the unfounded fear and manipulation foisted on them by the right wing media.


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