The Waiter’s Thanksgiving Message

Steve Dublanica was known in the blogosphere as the anonymous “Waiter”, author of the Waiter Rant blog, who came out from behind his anonymity this year when his book by the same name was published.  Steve originally studied in a seminary, intending to be a priest but later decided that was not the life he wanted.  He also worked in hospitals as a psychiatric aid before burning out on that and becoming a waiter.  The Waiter Rant blog became very well known for his stories about real life as a waiter, the good, bad, ugly and funny.

Since his book came out he has done the whole book tour/promotional thing, quit his last restaurant job, begun writing his second book, about tipping (a subject near and dear to waiters and many other people of service positions), and picking up a little work back in the hospital world.  Steve is passionate about the underdog workers of America.  I don’t normally pay any attention to tip jars, but Steven has got me thinking with his blog posting today:

I know some people are angry that there are tip jars in places like Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. But as Amjad and Rami illustrate, they count on that money to help make ends meet. Don’t get angry at them or the tip jars. They’re a symptom, not a problem. Many tipped workers aren’t paid a living wage which causes the American public to basically subsidize the labor costs of both small businesses and multi-billion dollar corporations alike.  Annoying isn’t it? Over the four plus years I’ve written this blog tipping is a hot topic. The normal retort I get from the uber red meat capitalist commenters when I discuss this stuff is “You don’t like my tip? You don’t like the money you make? Get another job you bum!”

But now the tables have turned. Many of those “uber capitalists” are now working for (or used to)  enfeebled companies that are going hat in hand to the American taxpayer for over a trillion dollars worth of taxpayer (and Chinese) backed bailout funds. Yet again, the American public is subsidizing  the foolishness of private and corporate greed. Even as the average American worker suffers, CEO corporate beggars arrogantly fly into Washington on private jets. Food pantries are running out of canned goods, families won’t have a turkey on the table this Thanksgiving, and these morons are still clinging to the trappings of excessive pay and greed. Maybe those bums need to get another job.

I don’t know squat about economics. Maybe the bailouts are a good idea. Maybe we do need to rescue the auto industry. I hope the outgoing and incoming Presidential administrations can work things out. Things are bad. And they’ll get worse before they get better. But don’t stiff a tipped worker their pay. That’s not the way to go. They need to contribute to the economy too

I walk into the hospital’s main entrance. Clusters of people are sitting in the waiting room. Many of faces that look up at me as I walk in are Latino, African-American, or Arab. Most of them probably don’t have health insurance. I’m sure those bankrupt idiots flying on Gulfstream Vs have health insurance. Assholes.

I walk down to my unit. There are some people there who will never be well no matter what the economy does or who the President is. They say change is coming. It had better come fast. As they posture and debate in Washington, we’re being hit with shrapnel from the explosion of the New Gilded Age.

You’d better duck.

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