There Are No Golf Clubs In Prison

Another agonizing chapter in the saga of two diametrically different men comes to a close. For one, Fred Goldman who has suffered for the past fourteen years, some sense of justice has finally come, although the pain and grief will probably never cease. For the other man, O.J. Simpson, the agony he has caused so many others is finally beginning to come around to confront him.

Maybe, just maybe, the reality that despite the former athlete’s career successes, the fame and false charm that he has projected for so long, is finally failing him. Maybe it will sink in with him that there is always a price to pay when you make a deal with the devil, that no one, no matter what manner of fame he may have achieved or crafted for himself, if he lives his life behaving as a thug, he will eventually die as just another thug.

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One Response to There Are No Golf Clubs In Prison

  1. Stanley says:

    Karma is a real killer isn’t it? When the Juice gets mad his cognitive abilities seem to take a hike. Think before you kill, O.J. (or even before you commit armed robbery). Let’s just hope we don’t hear about him again for a good, long time. As my Grandmother used to say, “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

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