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What The World Needs: A $28 Million Chair

What irony, a day after the president of the United States addresses his Congress and his nation, talking about the dire financial straights that we have got ourselves in to, someone bid’s up an old chair from Christie’s auction house’s … Continue reading

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Why Is John Yoo Still Around?

Why is John Yoo employed by the Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley? This is the man who told George Bush it was OK to commit and to permit criminal acts, just because he was … Continue reading

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It Aint Peanuts

Pictured is Stewart Parnell, he is one of the sons of Hugh Parnell who founded the company that became known as Peanut Corp. of America. The peanut business has been good for Stewart and his wife, children and grandchildren. He … Continue reading

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The Spy Factory: In Need Of Quality Control

The highly secretive National Security Agency, subject of James Bamford’s latest book “The Spy Factory” was revealed for television viewers last night on the PBS documentary series, “Nova”, in a report with the same title as the book. Bamford is … Continue reading

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