There Is Truth & Then There Is Norm Coleman

As the trial over the contested Minnesota Senate seat winds down, Minnesota voters might consider themselves lucky, if the decision goes to Al Franken.  At least Al seems to have a clean slate in terms of managing his business in a competent manner, and not having been caught in an out and out lie.

As reported in various media outlets, and as detailed by Daily Kos, Norm Coleman’s campaign negligently posted the campaign’s donors’ full credit card data on the Coleman web site, and when their incompetence was revealed publicly, two months after the fact, the Coleman camp has the gall to blame the breach of privacy on “hackers”.

Hack this, Norm Coleman, if you can’t step up like a man, and accept responsibility for your mistakes, how do you expect a voting public, that is much more discenerning than you give them credit for, to have any trust or confidence in your word or your judgement.  It is time for Norm Coleman to put his tail between his legs, and skulk off to obscurity.

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