Memo On Global Warming


April 3, 2009

To: The Flat Earthers

Fm: A Voice of Reason

Subject: Time To Stop Burning Or Start Bailing

It has come to the attention of those of us of sound mind and a belief in the principals of all Earth sciences, those of us with the basic human capability of observing phenomena in the natural world, analyzing and arriving at rational findings that some among us have still not understood the concerns we have with industrial man’s continued exploitation of Earth’s natural resources, and the ultimate destruction of the same natural resources and of Earth itself.

In case you have not figured it out, nothing on Earth lasts forever, nothing on Earth is frozen in time, man has not figured out how to turn oil in to water, let alone create more oil than which already exists in the crust of the Earth. (The world’s total proven oil reserves are estimated to dry up by the year 2160, a scant, in geologic terms, 150 years from now, or in terms more understandable by a human consumer, after two lifetimes, in time for your great, great grandchildren to revert back to horses and buggies because there will be no fuel for internal combustion engines.)

Some might posit that all is not lost, that coal will come to the rescue, that coal which is currently the fuel that is burned to provide approximately 40% of the electricity generated for world consumption, could also be used, through gassification, or liquifaction to fuel internal combustion engines. Of course those who would be proponents for more reliance on coal are those who would mine it, process it, and sell it to the rest of us. The same people who will tell us the lie that there is such a thing as “clean coal”.

The reality is that coal, which is rock that is extracted from the Earth’s crust is primarily carbon, with additional elements of sulfer, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, that when burned produces heat, which transient in the sense that it eventually dissipates in the atmosphere, and carbon dioxide, which is not transient. The carbon dioxide enters the Earth’s atmosphere, and because of the force of gravity, remains, wrapped around Earth, forever. As the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere builds up, and as other chemical elements enter the atmosphere, they coalesce as an atmospheric “blanket”, allowing the rays of the sun to come through to Earth, warming the planet, but also acting as an “insulator”, preventing heat from dissipating off of the planet. The planet is gradually, inexorably, warming, and this global warming has begun to manifest in incremental, and ultimately, life changing consequences.

We have seen the impact of global warming in climate change all over the planet. As temperatures have risen more and more farming and grazing land become drought prone and crop yields diminish. Man becomes less able to feed himself. Polar ice has retracted, with the polar ice pack melting and glaciers throughout the world melting, the resulting fresh water run off draining in to the oceans, so as the lands dry up, the sea levels rise.

Mohamed Nasheed, the president of the Maldives has recognized the challenges presented to man by global warming and has revealed a plan for the Maldives to be the world’s first country to become “carbon neutral”, within ten years. Nasheed does not want to needlessly burn any more carbon that will add to global warming, and has good reason for this, the average elevation of the Maldives is 1.5 meters (60 inches, less than the height of an average human) above sea level. If enough ice melts throughout the globe his entire country could be under water in a mere few generations.

Time is quickly running out, Flat Earthers. If you believe that man was created and the universe were created a mere 10,000 years or so ago, you might think the next 150 to 500 years are an eternity in your frame of reference, but 150 years will come sooner than your great grand children will forget that you did nothing to prepare them for the perils that they will face.

Those of you who would ignore the signs, you are in a race, a race to develop the technology to leave this planet, and find and colonize another habitable planet in the universe that will have the necessary resources to support your way of life, before your conspicuous and unrestrained consumption destroys the human habitability of this planet. Expend your treasure and time continuing to burn Earth’s natural resources and you will be left with no resources to help you escape the calamity that you have brought upon us. Expend your treasure and time trying to find and get to another, human habitable planet, and ignore the global warming of your own planet Earth, and your great grand children are likely to cease to exist because they could not escape Earth and you did nothing to mediate the global warming, and time will simply have run out for the consuming human race.

The real race that you should embark upon, Flat Earthers, is the race to adapt, to change your way of living, to evolve from a carbon burning spendthrift, to a serious, careful preservationist of our planet. But then, you don’t believe in evolution, do you Flat Earthers?

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