And Justice Will Be Served: Phil Spector’s Sobering Reality

The murdering, nacisscistic little drunken pipsqueek, Harvey Phillip Spector was convicted of second degree murder in the death of actress Lana Clarkson and immediately remanded to the county jail in Los Angeles today.
The image on the left was created recently during his second trial while he appeared in court, the image on the right is what he faces after today, no bespoke suits, no personal bodyguard, no lifts in the shoes, and the ridiculous wig will be going too.  No more drunken binges, no more juvenile, stupid gun play, waving loaded firearms in other human beings’ faces to make you fell like a real man, no more fawning, morally challenged fans to boost your ego, no more ministrations and enabling from a gold digging wife young enough to be your daughter.  Just a cold, lonely cell, which you have earned for yourself.

Go ahead Phil, spend more of your treasure appealing this conviction, finding the best lawyers your money can buy, take years doing it, sitting in your cell, strategizing, exhausting every last dime you earned, every last dime that you might have squeezed out of every musician you might have exploited and cheated.  Let that monstrosity you call “Phil Spector’s Castle” be shuttered by the mortgage holder and let the rodents take it over, let the rodents spend a few years cleaning your stink out of the building where you, in your insane, drunken, selfish haze took the life of another human being.  May you have a long, long life, sitting in your cold cell playing back your ultimately destructive, sensless life in your dreams and in every waking moment.

A big hat tip to Sprocket over at Trials & Tribulations who stayed vigilant throughout the years long process to help us all see through her eyes when justice for Lana Clarkson finally came.

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