GOP Suicide Watch: Virginia Foxx

One has to wonder, has senility overcome Virginia Foxx, or is she just another cynical, pandering, political hack doing her best to appeal to the right wing fringe in her greed for the furtherance of her political career?  How else could one explain the motivation of Foxx to stand on the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday when the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007, also known as the Matthew Shephard Act was debated and passed, and then state, for the record, and in the presence of Matthew Shephard’s mother:

I also would like to point out that there was a bill — the hate crimes bill that’s called the Matthew Shepard bill is named after a very unfortunate incident that happened where a young man was killed, but we know that young man was killed in the commitment of a robbery. It wasn’t because he was gay….This — the bill was named for him, hate crimes bill was named for him, but it’s really a hoax that that continues to be used as an excuse for passing these bills.

Foxx is an educated person, she has earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s and a doctorate during her college education, so one must surmise that she is capable of doing even rudimentary research and homework.  It has been well established that Matthew Shepard was the victim of a homophobic hate crime, robbed, tortured and murdered during the night of October 6 & 7, 1998 by Russell Arthur Henderson and Aaron James McKinney.  The acts of Henderson and McKinney were no different than the acts of Byron De La Beckwith killing Medger Evers in 1963, or Bobby Cherry and Thomas Blanton, Jr for the Montgomery church firebombing in 1963 that killed four young black girls, or the vigilante gang murder of Emmitt Till in 1955, and countless other, undocumented hate crimes committed through our history.

Watching and listening to Representative Foxx, as the clip of her words in Congress was played over and over by all of the television media, a rational person has to surmise that Foxx is not in fact, senile.  She comported herself in a calm, business like manner, she was not wild eyed, she was alert and lucid, she did not slur her words or forget her words or thought process.  Her words and intent were clear and unambiguous, she was doing her best to dispute the fact that there is any such thing as a hate crime, letting her preferred constituency know that in her eyes she would rather stick her head in the sand, than contemplate that a significant segment of her own constituency would seem to not have any qualms about the perpetration of hate crimes.

A look at her legislative voting record confirms where she stands, she is against a woman’s right to choose, she is anti-affirmative action, she opposes same sex domestic partnership benefits, she favors teachers leading prayers in schools, favors three strike sentencing laws, promotes unrestrained gun ownership, opposes federal funding of health care, and opposes replacing coal and oil with other energy alternatives.  This has earned her a rating as a Right Conservative by, actually assessed at being further to the right than her Republican colleague Michele Bachmann, member of Congress from Minnesota who is famous for her own outrageous non-sensible statements:

Take a hard look at the face of Virginia Foxx, she may look like a typical 67 year old, kindly grandmother, but what you see is a tool of the fearful and ignorant extremists who have hijacked the Republican party and are taking it back, to darker times.  Foxx, Bachmann, Boehner, and others such as DeLay and Gingrich before them, are mixing and drinking the Kool-Aid that will result in the ultimate demise of their party, the GOP Suicide.  Foxx is up for reelection in 2010, and it will be up to the North Carolina electorate to demonstrate that they prefer light to darkness, that they will not allow the fear and ignorance of the extremists to drown them all in the primordial ooze, lest they all become extinct GOPosaurs.

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