GOP Coward(s) Quashed By The Gas Bag, Again

Eric Cantor, Member of Congress from Virginia, is the latest Republican political leader to lie down to be quashed in the face of bullying by the ruler (Almighty Gas Bag) of the gaseous planet at the fringes of the conservative universe.  Here is how the smack down went:

April 30, Cantor announces a Republican listening tour, because the GOP  needs to “begin a conversation with the American people.”

May 4, [smack] “We do not need a listening tour…” says the Gas Bag.

May 6, Cantor (the minority party “whip” in the House) shows what he is made of, lies down, takes his own whipping, and says “…really, this is not a listening tour.”

Apparently Eric Cantor was inattentive to the lesson handed down by RNC headquarters when Michael Steele received his spanking from the Almighty Gas Bag after truthfully describing his assessment of his (Steeles’) and the Gas Bag’s roles two months earlier:

I’m the de facto leader of the Republican Party.  Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer. Rush Limbaugh’s whole thing is entertainment.  Yes, it is incendiary. Yes, it is ugly.

Then, after being called out by the Gas Bag, two days later, Steele “clarifys” his statement:

My intent was not to go after Rush — I have enormous respect for Rush Limbaugh, I was maybe a little bit inarticulate … There was no attempt on my part to diminish his voice or his leadership.

Thus reaffirming that spineless Republican politicians do view the Gas Bag, if not the de facto leader of the Republican party, as the real, reigning despot who they must pay tribute to.

Eric Cantor, if he wishes to remain in the good graces of the Gas Bag may wish to take some wisdom from his mentor, John Boehner (House minority leader), and keep his head down, just saying “no” to any idea, any initiative, regardless of its value to the American people, that might be put forward by the elected leader of the American people or by those who work cooperatively with him.  Boehner can teach Cantor that if you want to succeed in service to the diminishing, ignorant extreme right fringe, the intellectual hillbillys who are the core of the Gas Bag’s following, as your own constituency, you need to keep your head down and follow the lead of the Almighty Gas Bag, stoking the fear and ignorance of a party of extreme political partisans on the fringe who are quickly diminishing their relevance in a modern world.

There is another lesson that could be learned here though, for Eric Cantor, a lesson about your own weakness of character and loss of personal integrity while you pursue a political career that cowtows to a bloviating, misogynistic, homophobic, racist trolling Gas Bag.  The good people of North Carolina deserve better than Eric Cantor and the Gas Bag.

And there is one overriding lesson that could be learned by the majority of the people who comprise the Republican party, the party of Abraham Lincoln.  Get back to your roots, you were a party that opposed slavery and believed in modernism, modernism should not include the embrace of denigration against any member of the human race who might differ from your personal perception of what is “normal”.  A true modernist will have a willingness to listen to and consider all ideas, a willingness to collaborate to build a better world, not to divide and conquer the opposition.

Maybe the best lesson that can be learned and benefit all, is that when the likes of Eric Cantor and all the other political careerists who pay tribute to the Gas Bag are next up for re-election, they be returned to their home states, while another person, who has not yet been corrupted by the system can begin serving the electorate.  Voters in North Carollina have 18 months to find a replacement for Eric Cantor, hopefully someone with a spine, strength of character and the personal integrity to not be intimidated by the Almighty Gas Bag.

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