Modern Motoring Accessory or Criminal Facilitation?


A Missouri car dealer gives away an AK-47 with the purchase of a new car, KCTV in Kansas City, Missouri is reporting:

Those purchasing a vehicle at Max Motors in [Butler,] Missouri will receive an AK-47 assault rifle with their purchase during the month of August.

This is the second consecutive year the dealership has given away vouchers for a firearm as part of a sales promotion…

The actual promotion gives those who buy a vehicle a voucher redeemable at a gun shop for the $450 dollars it costs to get an AK-47.

“That way it separates you from anything bad that could happen,” [Max Motors owner, Mark] Muller said. “We’ll put it in the hands of professionals who do this every day.”The AK-47 ups the ante on a promotion Muller did last year, giving away vouchers for the price of the Caltec pistol. Muller proudly shows off the same pistol he carries in his pocket.”We already did handguns,” Muller said. “Let’s do something more fun — AKs. You ever shot an AK? Oh, they’re a blast.”

Way to go, Mark, with the ethical and moral values that you seem to hold, you are bound to be named “Man Of The Year” by either the local chamber of commerce, or maybe the local MS13 or Bloods chapter, or the local skin head militia.

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One Response to Modern Motoring Accessory or Criminal Facilitation?

  1. Vic says:

    It boggles the mind. How will they determine whether these cars are being sold to drug users, criminals, or molesters? Goes to show that one only needs a room temperature IQ to run a business in this country.

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