Clueless Losers File: David Yang, Accused Animal Abuser

Nineteen year old David Yang has been arrested by Sacramento authorities for alledgedly blowing up a cat with an explosive device.  Tne police were apparently tipped off about Yang’s involvement according to a report published by KXTV in Sacramento:

A 19-year-old Sacramento man who investigators said helped bind a small cat and kill it with an explosive was arrested late Wednesday, according to Sacramento police.

David Yang, 19, was placed into custody around 6:40 p.m. Wednesday on the 6200 block of Lemon Hill Drive after police were tipped off to Yang’s involvement in Tuesday’s attack, Sacramento police Sgt. Norm Leong said…

Yang was arrested for a parole violation and could face additional charges of animal cruelty, said Leong. The investigation into the cat’s death was continuing and Leong said it was unclear why Yang allegedly committed the crime.

As reported, this young man already has a criminal record, coupled with this demonstration of his behavior we would probably all be better off if he were to now be incarcerated for life without possibility of parole, or shall we just wait until he starts maiming or killing human beings.  Think this is an overreaction?  No, it’s a matter of accepting that there are sociopath’s in our society, and protecting the public from them.

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