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Corporate Abuse Of The Disabled

This story brings home the vast difference between Republican, conservative,  business values and Democratic, liberal, human values.  It is also an indicator of how we, as a society in the United States, have allowed the pursuit of greater and greater … Continue reading

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The Power Of The People

How It Can Bring Down A Demagogue & How It Can Make Our Public Servants Listen To Us In Terms Of Health Care Reform   The twenty-four hour period immediately following President Obama’s address before Congress on September 10 produced … Continue reading

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Home Maintenance Tip: Always Hire A Professional

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Denial In Baby Blue

Don’t be fooled by the baby blue v-neck sweater,  baby blue bow tie with the white polka dots and the baby face that looks as smooth as a baby’s bottom. No, this is not some contemporary Buster Brown, or some … Continue reading

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