Denial In Baby Blue

Don’t be fooled by the baby blue v-neck sweater,  baby blue bow tie with the white polka dots and the baby face that looks as smooth as a baby’s bottom. No, this is not some contemporary Buster Brown, or some variation on a harmless Steve Urkel.  What you see before you is a serial domestic abuser who is in denial.  Flanked by his mama on one side and a high priced criminal attorney on the other side as he tries to spin the facts after being found guilty of felony assault in a plea bargain agreement reached last month.

As reported by Victoria Kim in the Los Angeles Times, Christopher Maurice Brown has established a pattern of serial abuse:

Chris Brown was involved in two unreported incidents “related to domestic violence” before the February encounter that left his pop-star girlfriend Rihanna bruised and bleeding, according to a probation officer’s report filed with the court for the singer’s sentencing.

The first of those incidents occurred in Europe about three months earlier, when Brown and Rihanna were in a “verbal dispute,” the report said. She slapped him, and Brown responded by shoving her into a wall, the report stated.

Just three weeks before the February incident, Brown and Rihanna were in Barbados, driving a Range Rover lent them by a local dealership, when they had an argument in the car. Brown got out and broke both the driver’s and front passenger side windows, according to the report. No one was injured. The vehicle was repaired, and the incident went unreported to authorities.

Brown was sentenced to five years of probation, one year of domestic violence counseling and 180 days of community labor, in addition to being subject to an order of protection, to keep him away from his victim.

While Brown would have the public believe that he is contrite and sorry about what happened to his victim he is only going through the motions, the only thing that he is sorry about, is the damage to his entertainment career that has been engendered by his behavior, by the potential loss in revenue to him, his handlers, his employers, his sponsors.  In an interview on Larry King Live, one of the statements Brown made to Larry King when asked what he thought when he was seeing the (infamous) police evidence photos months after the incident was:

Wow, I can’t believe it actually happened, it really like took a toll on me.

This statement is a real clue in to the character of Chris Brown and his honesty with himself.  He can’t believe it happened, when it was all but inevitable to happen based upon his unaccounted past behavior.  It took a toll on him, as if it has not taken a toll on his victim and her family, or on his own family?  He is not the victim here and it is galling that he would even imply that he has been harmed in some way.

View the video of his Larry King Live appearance, after first reading the article titled “The Dynamics of Domestic Abuse” by Douglas R. Marvin in the FBI’s July 1997 edition of Law Enforcement Bulletin and see what parallels you find with Brown, Rihanna and the long established academic and practical knowledge of domestic abusers and their victims.

What is the best thing that can happen to Chris Brown?  The answer is easy, he and his family should seek real and continuing counsel for his aberrant behavior, he should forget his entertainment career, go to college and get an education, and then do something that gives back to the community that provided him with opportunity and fortune.  He could give back by becoming a teacher or maybe a health or social service professional or producing or delivering a service that is beneficial to the daily lives of other members of the community.  Instead of giving lip service on Larry King Live about wanting to do something more significant than street sweeping during his community labor, he can do something that indicates that he really has changed his behavior, something that he can be proud instead of ashamed of, as a real inspiration and role model for young people, and a real contributor to society, instead of just another over exposed, over paid entertainer.

As it stands, I don’t buy the contrite baby blue bow tied boy I saw in the video.  That is just smoke and mirrors, I want to see solid, long term evidence that he has rehabilitated his character.

Chris Brown on Larry King Live

The National Domestic Violence Hot Line

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6 Responses to Denial In Baby Blue

  1. Vic says:

    Did you see this interview? Unbelievable that Mark Geragos, his attorney, and mother would allow him to speak for a full hour and allow people to see how much in denial he is. I laughed out loud when Chris said he could contribute more to society than pick trash off the side of the road and speak to children. As if he thinks he is a role model.

    His mother, who was a victim of abuse, is clearly hurt by her son’s actions, but neither she nor Chris took Rihanna’s point of view or seemed particularly sorry that she was beaten to a pulp. They actually thought her photo might have been doctored in some way. Very disturbing. His career is over unless he reinvents himself as a bad boy.

  2. Big Fella says:


    “I laughed out loud when Chris said he could contribute more to society than pick trash off the side of the road and speak to children. As if he thinks he is a role model.”

    Yes, that had me on the floor. Another example of this guy’s gall is this item posted on TMZ:

    Here’s the background: People had asked Brown about the fact that Oprah did “a show on abuse, inspired by Rihanna.” Chris replied:

    “I commend Oprah on being like, ‘This is a problem,’ but it was a slap in my face. I did a lot of stuff for her, like going to Africa and performing for her school. She could have been more helpful, like, ‘Okay, I’m going to help both of these people out.’”

    And if no one noticed, Mark Geragos, his attorney, also stood at the side of Scott Peterson, the psychopath who now sits on death row in San Quentin for the murder of his wife and unborn son. I’d say Chris Brown is showing us a very clear picture of who he is.

  3. Stanley says:

    Until Vic mentioned it in the post above I was completely unaware that Mark Geragos was both Mr. Brown’s attorney AND mother. I have heard Mr. Geragos referred to as a “mother” (and usually with some other word attached to the back side of “mother”), but this news was both highly shocking, and revealing. No wonder Mr. Geragos went to the lengths he did in defending Mr. Brown. ;-D>

  4. vic says:

    Stanley, So nice of you to point out my grammar faux pas. It is known that comments made on posts are generally not proofed and edited, and that a bit of leeway must be given to those who respond extemporaneously to the posts and comments of others.

    When I write an article for work, I usually have the time and leisure to reread, proof, edit, and proof my words again. After that I will turn my comment over to our proofreader, who generally rectifies even more errors of composition.

    When writing comments and responding to posts, I assume that those who read my thoughts (usually written in haste and from emotion) will generally be gracious, understanding, and accommodating.


  5. Big Fella says:

    Don’t mind Stanley, that is just his skewed sense of humor, he loves plays on words, and he means no harm.

  6. Stanley says:

    No offense, Vic. I was having some fun with the idea (and an amusing one) of Mr. G as attorney and mother (or motherfather – or mother’fer more accurately perhaps) of Mr. Brown (who seems sadly in need of a strong mother figure to assist in his moral development).

    As the erstwhile Papa Pundit of this blog, “Mr. Big” (as I like to think of him – Carrie Bradshaw should be so lucky!) was once again squarely on the mark about my love of punnishment…

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