The Power Of The People

How It Can Bring Down A Demagogue & How It Can Make Our Public Servants Listen To Us In Terms Of Health Care Reform


The twenty-four hour period immediately following President Obama’s address before Congress on September 10 produced a graphic demonstration of the power of the people.  During the president’s address something previously unheard of occurred when South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson in an act of overt boorishness, heckled the president and called out the president as a liar.  Ironic that this tool of the right wing extreme chose to act out right when the president was debunking the claims of the real liars who, despite the documented facts, continue to try to spread the lie that one of the objectives of the proposed health care initiative would be to euthanize (i.e. kill) elderly Americans.

joe Wilson, through his ignorant political posturing has just put Rob Miller, his Democratic opponent in the 2008 election, and his opponent in the 2010 election on the map, as a nationally known and well funded, viable candidate who could tip over Wilson’s apple cart.  In this last twenty-four hour period, the netroots of the Democratic party (via ActBlue) have raised approximately $697,000 in donations for the Miller campaign, from 19,018 Americans disgusted with the fear and ignorance that the Republican party continuously tries to foist off on the public.  This is a great example of the power of the people when they want to be heard.

If you were outraged  by Joe Wilson’s outburst, consider kicking in a few dollars to help unseat Joe Wilson by donating via ActBlue.

Another way of demonstrating your power is to tell your representatives in Congress what you think about health care reform.  While we know that politicians of all political stripes seem to act as pawns of the moneyed special interests, they are also more fearful of the voting public, when it, the public, is able to form cohesive blocks of voters with common interests.  This is a crucial time in our history, we have a chance to use our government and its resources to enact and execute policy that will serve all of the people in the delivery of something as basic to human rights, as the opportunity to have a long and thriving life.

Now is the time to speak and be heard by your representatives in Congress by emailing, writing or calling them. has made the process of communicating directly with your representatives very easy.  A link on their home page will enable you to identify your elected officials, find their contact information, and send them an email, or a letter, or get you their phone number.

I sent the following to my two Senators and Congressman today:

It is imperative that this Congress pass health care reform, that includes a public option; we can no longer allow vested commercial interests to dictate the availability of health care to our citizens.  What might be passed now is only the beginning of real health care reform which must include changing the way we train our medical professionals and how they practice medicine and how they are given incentives.

Meaningful health care reform is more than wrangling the greedy insurance companies and profit driven pharmaceutical and medical testing and medical device industries.  Meaningful health care reform is changing the paradigm so that delivery of health care is no longer a corporate profit center, but a manifestation of  the intellect, decency and survival instinct of the human species.

I wrote summary of an insightful article by Atul Gawande about how mainstream, for profit, medical services are delivered today as opposed to how they are delivered using the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, etc. models.  If you have not seen the original New Yorker article, you might consider reading my summary: “Health Care Reform: More Than Insurance“.

I am a senior citizen, a veteran, a voter and a taxpayer, and this is what I want to see from my representatives in government, nothing less than what is provided to citizens of other democratic industrialized nations.

Feel free to copy and use any of this, or write your own message from your heart and send it to your members of Congress.  We do have the power to influence the outcome of this critical national issue, let’s not let the opportunity pass us by.

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One Response to The Power Of The People

  1. Stanley says:

    Unlike that boob in Iraq who threw his shoes at President Bush Joe Wilson merely inserted his (while still on his feet) into his mouth. A very limber guy, Joe.

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