We Are You; Don’t Forget Us


We may be your fathers, your mothers, your brothers, your sisters, your neighbors, your teachers, your waiters, your bankers, your firefighters, your doctors, your gardeners, your janitors, your grocers, your police officers, your mechanics, your plumbers, your newspaper deliverer, your postal delivery worker, your dog walker, your attorney, your garbage man, your bus driver, your employer, your employee, your rival.  Out of all of those roles, and the numerous other roles other citizens have in our lives, one common thread is that we have in the past, or now, serve you and all of our extended American Family as committed members of the armed forces.

Don’t forget the sacrifices that we have and will continue to make so that all of us can continue to live a peaceful, comfortable life.

Don’t just honor veterans today, but every day.

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3 Responses to We Are You; Don’t Forget Us

  1. Stanley says:

    Thank goodness we have a “public option” when it comes to the military. Can you imagine if the Insurance Industry provided coverage for this area as well as health care? WMO (War Maintenance Organization anyone?).

    US of A: “Hello, is this Blue Shield War?” “We have an emergency situation in Somalia with American hostages being held by Al-Qaeda.”

    BS: “I’m sorry sir, but our records indicate that this situation is a pre-existing condition and can’t be covered under our War policy exemptions. Thank you for thinking of Blue Shield when you think of War. Good-bye!”

  2. Big Fella says:

    Blackwater has already adopted this business model.

  3. Stanley says:

    True enough. But the private sector only works because of a very (and I do mean VERY) robust public option which forces Blackwater to step up to the plate. Because if they won’t or can’t do the job, the USMC will fill the void for them in a most emphatic manner…

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