Laura Richardson Strikes Again

As reported by Steve Lopez in the Los Angeles Times, Laura Richardson is back at doing what she does best, wasting taxpayer’s dollars bestowing useless, expensive perks on herself and her cronies.

She flew her entire Washington, DC office staff of 20 people, including herself out to Long Beach, put them up in a four star hotel and commandeered one helicopter each from the Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County Fire departments and gave herself and her entire staff an aerial tour of the 37th District.

Lopez questioned the rationale of this junket and drew his own conclusion:

Richardson told me she considered the aerial tour an excellent use of time and money, saying she’s been trying to get her staff trained since she won a special election in 2007 after the death of Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald. She argued that her district’s location and facilities make it a unique security risk, and that her staffers need to understand the district’s complexities in order to put up a better fight for funding of local projects…

It seems particularly indulgent to tie up two emergency-service helicopters to observe things such as how close homes are to refineries, as Richardson argued. Anybody with a computer can go to Google Earth and essentially fly anywhere, zooming in and out as if piloting a helicopter.

My question of Richardson is, how would the constituents of her district been been served had those two helicopters collided in mid-air and she and her entire staff were killed?  It is quite apparent that this mental midget is more concerned about squeezing the taxpayers out of every conceivable perk of office for her own self aggrandizement than doing any useful work for her constituency.

This was not Laura Richardson’s first rodeo trick (click for more).

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One Response to Laura Richardson Strikes Again

  1. Stanley says:

    Hey, I just wonder whether it’s Ms. Richardson and not those pesky raccoon’s that are tearing up Steve’s backyard at night? Maybe he is wasting his time with that “Animal Psychic” who is attempting to contact the raccoon’s via “mental telepathy” after all? Inquiring minds want to know: Where was Laura when the sod was flying at Chez Lopez!!!

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