Sherif Lee Baca: A Stand Up Guy

Responding today to Republican representative Mark Souder in a Congressional hearing, Sherif Baca got in to a dust-up with the congressman when he tried to impugn Baca’s credibility and reputation, claiming falsely that Baca supports terrorists.

As reported by radio correspondent Kitty Felde, and published by LAObserved, the money quote from Baca came after his testimony:

When a member of Congress is that misinformed, you gotta question whether or not they understand what their constitutional obligations are when it comes to public safety.”

You gotta hand it Sheriff Baca, he recognizes a knucklehead when he hears one.  We have a hell of a lot of misinformed knuckleheads in Congress trying to scare and intimidate the American people and we need to show them the door.

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