Being John Malkovich…

is being greedy and selfish.

The Guardian is reporting that John Malkovich is rejecting the $670,000.00 settlement that is being offered by Irving Picard, the trustee charged with seizing and returning of funds invested in Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.  Malkovich is demanding $2.3 million, which he asserts was the value of his account with Madoff on his last statement.

Come on John, you know that is unreasonable, in a Ponzi scheme there is no earned investment return, anything reflected on the “statements” you received was principal invested by other suckers.  The rationale that Mr. Picard is using is that he is trying to make every victim investor as whole as possible by redistributing to each victim as much of his original principal as possible, given the fact that much of the money was spent by Madoff and his family.

Picard is offering the entire amount of your original principal back to you, consider yourself very fortunate, it has been reported that other victims have not faired as well.  Stop trying to play the role of a greedy Wall Street banker in your real life, it diminishes your standing as a human being.  But by all means, if offered, do take the role in a film, you would probably be brilliant in it.

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