What Do You Want For America?

The blogger who identifies himself as What The Dog Said, has a very interesting post titled “What Do You Want For America” over at theAntemdius blog.  Rather than focusing in on relatively narrow partisan issues, which seems to be the norm in the mediasphere/blogsphere, The Dog discusses what he views are the long term goals that Americans should be striving for.

In an interesting read he discusses his goals for America which include: collective bargaining, immigration policy, the rule of law, taxation, health insurance, civil rights; use of the military.  I agree with his vision and urge you to pay a visit to his blog post.  I have also suggested to him one more goal that I would like to see achieved by America within the next ten years:

In my America the culture will encourage critical thinking, knowledge and education will be the goal of all, performance of students and teachers will be held to higher standards than today, and those who exceed standards will be monetarily rewarded. Mindless consumption will be discouraged, those individuals in the entertainment, sporting, and fashion industries who’s annual income exceeds $250,000 will be required to pay a new excise tax which will be used to reward students and teachers who exceed standards of performance.

What would you like to see us achieve over the next ten years?

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One Response to What Do You Want For America?

  1. lynette says:

    I love the way you think. The dearth of critical thinking skills in this country is dangerous. We are sheep, easily led, brainwashed, controlled. We mock intellectuals and heap praise on “downhome” fools like Sarah Palin. Some days I despair. Others I just want to get out. On no days do I feel that there’s much hope for this country. Just about everything I’ve been taught in school, everything I’ve believed up until the last 20 years, is smoke and mirrors and fiction masquerading as truth.

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