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What Is This Woman Smoking?

Arizona’s Jan Brewer is claiming that most undocumented (illegal border crossers) immigrants coming across the Arizona/Mexico border are drug smugglers, as reported by the Christian Science Monitor. Do you have any quantifiable, reliably documented facts to back up your racist … Continue reading

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Blago: The Clown Of The Court

Jury selection in disgraced, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has begun, apparently Blago’s trial strategy is to: Tweet his public from behind the defense table as reported by Gawker. Select jurors who either do not understand English, or are illiterate, … Continue reading

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At Least 372,490 California Voters Are Morons

As reported by Salon, Orly Taitz failed to win the seat of the California Secretary of State, with 382,490 votes. Or if not morons, California has possibly 372,490 voters with twisted ideas of absurdist humor, or at least 372,490 racist … Continue reading

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Fuck You, Bernie Madoff, You Were Not The Victim

An interesting read in New York magazine reporting on Bernie Madoff’s time in prison.  I always find it interesting how criminals can prey on their victims so cold bloodily and justify their actions as taking care of their own families. … Continue reading

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