Blago: The Clown Of The Court

Jury selection in disgraced, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has begun, apparently Blago’s trial strategy is to:

  • Tweet his public from behind the defense table as reported by Gawker.
  • Select jurors who either do not understand English, or are illiterate, also reported by Gawker.
  • Signal the jury with funny faces as reported by Breitbart.
I’m guessing Blago rethought his trial strategy when he got fired from “The Apprentice”.  Either that or his publicist is handling his defense.  In terms of any career aspirations Blago might have had with the Trump organization, he was doomed to be culled out as soon as The Donald realized that mop is Blago’s real hair.  Blago could have got away just glad handing the spectators rather than performing on his Trump projects, but no one’s follicle covered cranium is permitted to overshadow The Trumpian Comb Over.
For those who wish to follow the saga of haircut boy from his coifed perspective you can follow him on Twitter here or via his web site here.
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One Response to Blago: The Clown Of The Court

  1. Stanley says:

    Hopefully, soon to be another “star” who will be seen (behind?) “Dancing with the Bars” at a Federal “Gray Bar Facility” nowhere near me.

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