What Is This Woman Smoking?

Arizona’s Jan Brewer is claiming that most undocumented (illegal border crossers) immigrants coming across the Arizona/Mexico border are drug smugglers, as reported by the Christian Science Monitor.

Do you have any quantifiable, reliably documented facts to back up your racist claim Governor Brewer, or are you just fueling the fires with more fear and ignorance?

If you do get your way, Governor Brewer, and are able to round up and imprison or deport all undocumented aliens, you may have a little problem feeding the residents of your state if there is no one to work the fields.  The United Farm Workers have a new program that you should check out, Governor, they will train all those unemployed Arizona workers, who you think have been displaced by undocumented aliens in the workforce, how to be field hands.  Anglo-Arizonans can submit their application for the program to the TAKEOURJOBS.ORG web site.

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One Response to What Is This Woman Smoking?

  1. Stanley says:

    I understand that the most excellent completely xenophobic Governor of Arizona will be forming a new party (Tea Baggers are old hat), the “Brew Pubber’s.” These folks will consist of Republicans drunk with power. That ought to be a pretty large party (Party! Party! Party!) given the present state of the good people currently residing within the borders of Lost in the “Ozona” Arizona.

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