Mel Gibson: Anti-Semite, Racist; Misogynist

It looks like Mr. Gibson is finally wearing out his welcome, as it was reported today that the talent agency William Morris Endeavor Entertainment has dropped Gibson from its stable of clients.  Gibson has apparently gone so far as to piss of the people who were making money off of him.  Whether it is because his behavior has become too morally repugnant even for those who were cleaver enough to get a cut of his earnings, or if the sense of his agents is that the gravy train is over, does not matter.  This is something that should have happened earlier than today, and one can only hope that we will never see another motion picture from this man.

Nor should any human being ever have to suffer more of the rantings of this pathetically, mis-wired character.   While we might have been able to understand his antisocial behavior arising from a life of abusing alcohol, we cannot accept or excuse his hateful character.  This is a man who in no uncertain terms has made his ignorant and violent tinged hate for other human beings, be they Jews, Blacks or women, the soul of his being.

Mr. Gibson is one angry man that no one should tolerate.

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One Response to Mel Gibson: Anti-Semite, Racist; Misogynist

  1. Stanley says:

    Mel? That Jesus loving, Christian paragon of probity, a racist? Hard to believe… lol

    I won’t be surprised if his next movie is something about the Crusades, where good Christian soldiers tried to wipe out those pesky Muslims. Perhaps if it had been a Crusade against the Jews, Mel would have been more apt to have leaped at the chance to make that movie?

    I think Woody Allen needs to do a “comedy” that has a thinly veiled character drawn on Mr. Gibson…Someone with a small square mustache who keeps yelling “Mein Kampf!” a lot would probably be pretty much on point.

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