Breitbart vs Sherrod – Character Assassination Of The Worst Type


Cartoon: Pat Bagley

The lack of ethics and perversions of far right demagogues in the media (Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, et al) have no limits, making them astounding aberrations in the eyes of reasonable, educated human beings.  That these people continue to spew their lies, vitriol and hate so successfully among a gullible public is disgusting and shameful to our country.

Pseudo-journalists, right wing operatives, who either fail at doing their research, or spread distorted and prejudicial character assassination, despite research findings, like Andrew Breitbart, are beneath contempt.

But political appointees, regardless of party affiliation, can be spineless and unprincipled in the face of loud rhetoric from the fringe. The top administrators at the Obama Ag department have demonstrated that they are run of the mill political appointees lacking any backbone or strength of character, and have utterly failed Ms. Sherrod.

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One Response to Breitbart vs Sherrod – Character Assassination Of The Worst Type

  1. Stanley says:

    I saw Andrew Breitbart interviewed the other night (maybe by someone on CNN?) and it was almost like the interviewer was afraid of the sleezoid. The questions started out being pretty aggressive, but then they tailed off and the interviewer just let the guy rant on and on about his belief that the so called “N word” incident never happened after the health legislation vote because it wasn’t caught on tape.

    First question I would have asked him was about his apparent lack of “journalistic ethics” in putting up a heavily edited video of Shirley Sherrod making her remarks before the NAACP group. Did he know the tape was edited before he posted? Did he ever try and get the full tape to review before he posted it? Just the most sleezy, creepy, hate-mongering attitude came off this guy in waves during the interview.

    Really, if this is the cream of the crop of the Tea Baggers then they had better do a serious reassessment of what it is their party stands for. I would like to believe that this guy isn’t dangerous to our society. But I am afraid that he is. Keep shining the light on them here, Ollie and hopefully they will scurry back behind the baseboards from whence they came.

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