American Entrepreneurial Ingenuity: Artisanal Pencil Sharpening

Former clip-art comic book author David Rees has launched an internet service sharpening pencils.  His Artisanal Pencil Sharpening service rivals any indulgence that can be found in the Nieman Marcus catalog for both its affordable price and its exclusive cachet.  The basic, hand pencil sharpening service is being offered at the reasonable price of $15 per pencil, just mail in your pencils to the address on the web site together with your check or credit card information

Don’t have a pencil that needs sharpening, no problem. Order directly on the web site and he will ship you one sharpened Number 2 pencil for $15, a better deal than shipping him your used pencils.  An even better deal, is for $40 he will ship you two Number 2 pencils that have been carefully and lovingly hand sharpened and he will throw in a signed, numbered art print of his advertising broadsheet (which has got to be worth something to somebody.)

Not since the skilled artisan Michelangelo hand carved the statue of David have men seen the beauty and craftsmanship of a pencil sharpened by a great artist.  In this day and age of electric pencil sharpeners, or worse, mechanical pencils, a lost art is recreated by a great master of the pencil point.  Wise consumers will act immediately, before some evil pencil sharpening company outsources this great American enterprise to India.

Show your patriotism and support our economy by buying only real American sharpened pencils.

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4 Responses to American Entrepreneurial Ingenuity: Artisanal Pencil Sharpening

  1. Stanley says:

    I understand that his business had been really going great, with pencils flying out the door up until just a week ago when, all of a sudden, his number one client (the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Chief of Police and the City Council of Bell, CA) canceled their contract. Wonder what happened? lol

  2. Big Fella says:

    The Bell city officials realized he was not one of their relatives.

  3. Stanley says:

    If the photo on the front page of today’s LA Times are any gauge of the mood in the city of Bell the “city officials” there aren’t long for their positions. The LA Times ought to be rightly proud of their role in exposing the venality going on behind the backs of the working men and women of Bell. The reporting they did was in the finest tradition of journalism and transparency provided by mainstream news organizations. All that was missing from today’s photo were some flaming torches and a few pitchforks… ;-D>

  4. Stanley says:

    Might as well link the photo and the story from the LAT’s while I’m at it:,0,6622264.story

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