The Depth Of Irrelevance*

Paris Hilton has crawled her way to the depth of irrelevance by posing for and splashing pictures of her naked boobs across the Internet courtesy of News Of The World. Despite all of daddy’s and grandpa’s money, Paris can’t seem to find either happiness or relevance in her life, instead being happy in the irrelevance of her self-contrived life.

It’s probably a good thing a slot in the college system was not squandered on this vacuous excuse for a member of the human race, as it is doubtful any curricula or teacher would have an effect in deterring America’s clown princess from her penchant for gross conspicuous consumption and the seeming eternal desire to have her picture displayed around the world.

Like Sara Palin, Paris is not particularly smart or intelligent, just a good schemer, always nimbly figuring out how to get her name out in the media, now if either of these women could bring some relevance to their antics.  Like Paris’ contemporary, Kim Kardashian.

News Of The World still leads Sunday circulation figures in the United Kingdom with 2,828,800 issues in circulation in June 2010.  So maybe Paris is relevant, to Rupert Murdoch, who makes buckets of money with properties such as News Of The World and Fox News.  Just another media/marketing baron, feeding off of a nation of clueless consumers.

(* Prurient post of the week.)

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3 Responses to The Depth Of Irrelevance*

  1. Stanley says:

    Ever since you posted this I’ve been pondering (which has meant that I’ve needed to study the post and the accompanying photos very, very closely) what, if any comment to leave?

    I’ve finally come to the conclusion that Paris Hilton simply proves, once again, how very visually oriented men are. The pleasure we take in admiring the female form is unparalleled in both its need and its unabated enjoyment no matter how long we look at said photos.

    So thank you for once more providing scientific evidence of this genetic trait. As a “science” focused man I can only applaud your continued contribution to this area.

  2. Big Fella says:

    Yeah, I find it almost impossible to avert my eyes when I come across a really big train wreck.

  3. Stanley says:

    Or a pair of really big train wrecks…

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