Variations Of An HDR Image

I’ve been practicing techniques  and improving my skills using Photomatix Pro and Adobe Photoshop Elements for post camera processing of HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. The trees below were captured at Grant Rea Park, Montebello, California.  (Click on any image for best viewing experience.  Please note, these are large files and loading on your  browser might drag out, for faster loading you can find these images on my Smug Mug album.)

Sentinels (Base image Nikon D80: 18-135mm (24mm) ISO 320 1/124 f/4.8 PSE8 PMXPro)

The base image (above) was combined with a second  of the same scene at 2 EV under exposed and a third of the same scene at 2 EV over exposed.  Despite  best practices, the three images were made without a tripod, and I lucked out in terms of maintaining image alignment.

Sentinels Variation 1

Variation 1 was the initial HDR I fabricated, altering the overall brightness and contrast and playing with hue and saturation.

Sentinels Variation 2

In variation 2 I burned in the center, over exposed areas and intensified overall color saturation and modified overall hue.

Sentinels Variation 3

In variation 3 I darkened the overall hue and used a “water color” filter.

Sentinels Variation 4

In variation 4 I attempted to perfect a more conventional HDR image effect, modifying each of the red, green, blue and cyan color channels in terms of hue and saturation individually.  In all of the variations I also manipulated contrast.

Sentinels Variation 5

In variation 5  I again played with hue and saturation via the individual color channels and applied a “colored pencil” filter.

Sentinels Variation 6

Variation 6 is a modification of  variation 4, I selectively modified the hues and saturation of only the three foreground trees and also modified th brightness and contrast of only the three foreground trees.

Please tell me what you think of these images, feel free to take the poll and leave comments. (Don’t be shy, I can take criticism, or ignore it.)

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3 Responses to Variations Of An HDR Image

  1. Stanley says:

    Why should I take the “pole?” Am I going to vaulting something later? ;-D>

  2. Big Fella says:

    Alright, wise guy, you got me.

  3. Stanley says:

    We who have no blog to shoot at take great pleasure in zinging those that have the courage to put one up! And I see that the pole has lost an “e” and gained an “l”…so all is right with the Universe now.

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