Laura Richardson’s Financial Juggling Back In The News

Long Beach congresswoman Laura Richardson, who I have discussed here before in my posts titled “Congresswoman Richardson, Put Your House In Order” and “Laura Richardson Strikes Again” is still trying to juggle her negatively accruing financial assets.

The Capitol Weekly is reporting that the infamous Sacramento house, that Richardson was able to reclaim from a foreclosure, (and how she managed to swing that has never  been explained), is now on the market in a short sale.  Originally financed for $535,001 when Richardson bought the house, the asking price now is $399,000.  Richardson is reportedly $42,000 in arrears on house payments.

Thank you congresswoman Richardson for continuing to contribute to the financial collapse of the United States.  Greedy bankers and unqualified, greedy, and possibly fraudulent “buyers” like yourself have all contributed to the mess that has now put the hurt on all Americans’.   Those of us who have not over extended ourselves, who have paid our bills on time and met our financial commitments, who were not overly greedy or grasping, now pay the price for your bad judgement and  bad financial behavior, with tighter credit markets and loss on investments.

The shame of it all, is that the overwhelming Democrat majority in your district is apparently unaware of your record, and will likely return you to Congress, where you can continue to hone your pork barrel skills.

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