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Cindy Williams: I Am “Un-friending” You

I am talking to you, Cindy Williams, the actress who achieved initial fame in “LaVern & Shirley”.  I went to high school with you and accepted your friend request a while back, when you were apparently new to Facebook.  When … Continue reading

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Countering Rush Limbaugh & His Ilk

Bill Eignor, whom I admire as a very articulate blogger, and outstanding human being has a post up on and at titled: The Face Of The Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, Racist Douche. In his posting he calls out Limbaugh, … Continue reading

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Veterans – They Are You, Don’t Forget Them

  Veterans may be your fathers, your mothers, your brothers, your sisters, your neighbors, your teachers, your waiters, your bankers, your firefighters, your doctors, your gardeners, your janitors, your grocers, your police officers, your mechanics, your plumbers, your newspaper deliverer, … Continue reading

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