Countering Rush Limbaugh & His Ilk

Bill Eignor, whom I admire as a very articulate blogger, and outstanding human being has a post up on and at titled: The Face Of The Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, Racist Douche. In his posting he calls out Limbaugh, and by association the Republican party as racists, and in partial summary says:

Limbaugh is a shame to this nation, but he is a self inflicted shame to the Republican Party. Their continued association with him, their willingness to fete him at major conservative gatherings with no challenge to his awful, despicable and on going bigotry must have President Lincoln rolling over in his grave at what his party has become.

I have to say that I do agree with Bill Eignor, but rather than directing all of my angry energy at  either Limbaugh or the Republican party, I have got to say that we all share some responsibility for this state of affairs.

Yes, Rush Limbaugh is a racist douche, but he does have a large audience, and the likes of Boehner, Gingrich, Bachman, Paul et al have all learned that pandering to that audience is what gets them elected. His “agenda” has earned Limbaugh millions of dollars of income, and that is probably what really motivates his sorry ass. What is his agenda? Stirring up his consuming audience based upon their fear and ignorance, for his own personal power (keeping him at the top of the ideologue totem pole) and gain (money).

How do we combat Limbaugh’s agenda? By doing a far, far better job of educating our children. By recognizing that what is seriously lacking in much of the political “discourse” that is hashed out to the consuming public via the media, is a lack truthfulness, a lack of rational, factually correct counter point that is required of a true democracy. The ability to exercise critical thinking is being lost by the public. Our children are being programmed via the corporate/media/marketing forces in our country to become gullible, all consuming idiots, who will swallow anything they hear, see or read, without a moment’s hesitation to consider alternative views.

We need to teach our children to use critical thinking, and maybe that means concentrating on their reading and writing skills in the early years, and not relying on television and video games to supplant our responsibilities as teachers and role models for our children.

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5 Responses to Countering Rush Limbaugh & His Ilk

  1. Dusty says:

    Ok, first the population of Amerika: roughly 307 million folks.

    Next, the size of Rushbo’s audience: From a WaPo piece on the douche nozzle:
    Is it 30 million (Pat Buchanan on MSNBC), 20 million (Time magazine, ABC News), 19 million (Fox News), 14 million (CNN), or “14.2 million to about 25 million” (The Washington Post)?

    Answer: Maybe.

    That ain’t a whole lotta folks when taken in context to our population size, in my humble yet vocal pov. It just says there are a lot more members of Nutter U than we think there are.

  2. Wayne Frost says:

    The problem, as I see it, Dusty, is that despite the fact the Limbaugh’s loyal audience might represent 30%, if that much, of our country’s population, is that a greater majority of our population seems to lack the critical thinking skills that would enable them to weed out the bullshit, no matter who is saying it.

  3. Stanley says:

    The problem isn’t Rush, it’s all the folks who are ready to buy his brand of bullshit. How many people who come to the Internet actually take the time to try and check out the “facts” they get emailed to them on a daily basis? The Internet is ready made for disseminating lies on a mass scale. And the American public/electorate seems uninterested and incapable of doing any investigation of the crap they read and (unfortunately) have a deep rooted agreement with. So they take the Demagogues at their word, and pass along the propaganda, unfiltered to all their “like minded” friends.

    The Internet, and the Unthinking American public; a match made in the fervent minds of folks like Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin. How they would have loved to have had this “mass (hysteria) media” in their day.

  4. Big Fella says:

    In terms of blaming it on the Internet, Stanley, the same could have been said when television was invented, or radio, or newspapers. No it is not the medium, it is the education and ethical and moral value systems passed on to children by their families, and by society at large that is responsible for creating gullible consumers willing to swallow racist ideology. We need to expect better from our children, ourselves and our schools when it comes to developing the future stewards of this planet. We have allowed technology to separate ourselves from our responsibility to develop the intellectual, moral and ethical values of our children. In the past raising a family used to be a more organic process, and we have lost many of the good things about that when we became overly reliant on technology.

    Whether through active teaching or by demonstration. It is the absence of intellectual stimulation and the absence of appropriate moral values taught in the home and in the schools. Without parents actively engaged in guiding their children through the process of learning and developing intellectually and morally, both at home and at school how can you expect the children to make the appropriate decisions as they navigate through life. Be it on the schoolyard, on the job or on the Internet.

    While the output of the Internet may be ubiquitous, the Internet can be a great leveler, and a pathway to knowledge. But like every thing we hear or see on television or read in newspapers or magazines or even books, recipients of data from the Internet need to have the training and intellectual skills, and a highly developed sense of moral and ethical values in order to parse and analyze data, and recognize truth from fiction.

    • Stanley says:

      One “however”…the old “mass media” has to sustain itself financially. And part of the process in that sustaining is that there is actually an “editor” standing back there somewhere who reads what’s going go be published in their “media.”

      And the old mass media only reached a small fraction of that the Internet can reach, for free, on a 24 hour/worldwide basis. So, even with Fox News championing the “Republican” agenda, the damage is minimal compared with nameless, faceless “Karl Rove’s to the Nth Degree” putting out the kind of propaganda based drivel that we see emanating from our monitors. This medium is a fantastic breeding ground for whipping up those who want to solve problems using a projectile rather than a ballot.

      Lies travel twice as fast as the truth. And the truth seems to be boring to most these days. Hence the rise of groups like the “Birthers” and their ilk.

      I really am afraid that Marshall McCluhan is finally right in a way that scares me. This medium really is the message.

      We shall see what the future brings. But I have this growing feeling of dread that the Tea Party is the tip of the iceberg. I sense a Constitutional crisis brewing if enough of these folks decide that States rights trump all. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Sarah Palin’s husband flirted with those that advocate for Alaska to “secede” from the Union.

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