Cindy Williams: I Am “Un-friending” You

I am talking to you, Cindy Williams, the actress who achieved initial fame in “LaVern & Shirley”.  I went to high school with you and accepted your friend request a while back, when you were apparently new to Facebook.  When I accepted your friend request I replied with a nice personal message, but never heard back from you.  I figured you were probably busy, and did not worry about it.  Shortly thereafter I started receiving literally hundreds of suggestions from Facebook that I “friend” other people that you, Cindy, had “friended”, people that I never heard of, people who I never went to school with.

What has amounted by this time to literally thousands of friend suggestions landing on my computer monitor has been exacerbated by seeing totally unrelated photos and other images show up in my News Feed supposedly tagged with your name Cindy.  Now, tonight I see the following show up in my News Feed supposedly from you:


Cindy, that status update, which was apparently written by someone who works for you confirms my suspicions that you have no interest in being my friend.  You just want to market yourself to me.  You are nothing more than just another Hollywood commodity, wanting me to buy some tickets.  That was not you reaching out to me when I received your friend request, that was someone on your payroll who exploited those of us in your old high school class who are on Facebook.

You couldn’t just set up a fan page like other celebrities, you set up a personal page and used me to create synergy for your Facebook presence, so instead of my just being able to “like” you as on any other celebrity’s page, you are able to capture my personal information on Facebook to use for your own commercial purposes, information that I trusted you with because I thought you were my friend.

No more, I’m done Cindy, I will be un-friending you.

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One Response to Cindy Williams: I Am “Un-friending” You

  1. Stanley says:

    Hey, Ollie – you needed a lesson in the self absorption of the Hollywood personae? You got one. And really, Cindy as Sylvia Plath? Is that some sort of new black comedy from the mind of the creator of Jackass? ;-D>

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