Governance By A Single Political Party: The Demorepublicrats

It is the only rational conclusion a thinking person can attain.  The United States is not governed by operatives of either one or the other of two major political parties.  There is only one major political party that is always at the helm of our system of government, and below all the decks, pulling the levers that keep the ship of state afloat and on any course.

On the political spectrum, the Demorepublicrat party represents people with political beliefs that begin in the “center” and which then veer right, over the abyss. Demorepublicrats have never discovered that there is meaningful life on solid ground to the left and are afraid to explore any territory that might cause them to ever question, let alone lose faith in God, television and the dollar.

The definition of bipartisanship, and its corollary, compromise, for a Demorepublicrat is “I’ll do what I want and screw you”.

The motto of the Demorepublicrat: “In business we trust”.

The ten core values of the Demorepublicrat party:

  1. The only thing that is good for the country is what is good for big business.
  2. I will fight to protect my right to profit.
  3. There are only winners and losers in life, we are the winners.
  4. If it is good for me, it is not hypocrisy.
  5. I will not hesitate to kill to maintain my status.
  6. All men are equal, if they hold the price of admission.
  7. A deal is a deal, if I say it is.
  8. A deals is not a deal, if I say it isn’t.
  9. Critical thinking is for losers.
  10. Losers should die.

Demorepublicrat politicians only listen to Demorepublicrat Plutocrats.

The goal of a Demorepublicrat Plutocrat: “All of you will be my serfs”.

The way of life in a nation that is controlled by Demorepublicrats is termed Demorepublicratism.

The antidote to Demorepublicratism: Education and truth.

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