Gabrielle Giffords’ Blood Is On “Former-Governor’s” Hands

This is the act of a despicable, racist coward, the kind that is ignorant enough to swallow the horse shit that comes out of Sara Palin’s mouth.  As reported in the New York Times:

Representative Gabrielle Giffords, an Arizona Democrat, and 17 others were shot here on Saturday morning when a gunman opened fire outside a supermarket where Ms. Giffords was meeting with constituents for a “Congress on Your Corner” event…

During the fall campaign, Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice-presidential candidate, posted a controversial map on her Facebook page depicting spots where Democrats were running for re-election; those Democrats were noted by crosshairs symbols like those seen through the scope of a gun. Ms. Giffords was among those on Ms. Palin’s map.

This is what happens when politicians are permitted to exploit the media with their extreme, antagonistic ideology.

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4 Responses to Gabrielle Giffords’ Blood Is On “Former-Governor’s” Hands

  1. Palin is a pathetic, ignorant, self-serving bitch, playing to the worst elements of our society. Yet I would not wish upon her and her family what happened today. Ignorance should be confronted with the truth, and humiliated. The sooner she is consigned to the ‘dustbin of history’, the better.

  2. Wayne Frost says:

    Roger Ebert tweets:

    Sarah Palin rummages online frantically erasing her rabble-rousing Tweets like a Stalinist trimming non-persons out of photos.

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  4. Jerry says:

    Sarah PAlin is seriosuly irresponsible!

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