Responsible Speech

In follow-up to my previous post:

Here in the United States many people don’t seem to understand that the right of free speech comes with responsibilities.  Your words have consequences, just as your actions have consequences. The Loughner character who apparently fired the shots in Tuscon this past Saturday is a lunatic, and that is why he did what he did.  But it does not take an advanced degree in psychology or sociology to understand that if a lunatic is exposed to an abundance of violent or extremist rhetoric, especially as so well distributed and pervasive as that delivered by the American media (news and entertainment) establishment, that “protected” speech will quite likely be one of the triggers that sets off the lunatic.

Political figures with media exposure, whether elected to office, or pundits taking pot shots on the sidelines, no matter their party affiliation, need to be circumspect and carefully chose their words before opening their mouths or setting pen to paper.

Reckless words stimulate reckless minds.

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