The Big Fella’s Department blog, also known as Big F****** Deal, was conceived by Big Fella. Big Fella, or “B.F.” as he is affectionately addressed by his non-existent staff, is the benevolent founder and twisted mind behind Indefatigable-Indolence.org, an organization dedicated to expending the least amount of effort to achieve the most ineffective results.

After leaving home as a wide-eyed innocent at the age of 17, B.F. enlisted in the United States Navy, where his education really began. Upon separating honorably from the service in 1968 B.F. began a career in the business world that spanned forty years. As B.F. matured over those forty years he gained technical skills, acquired practical experience and perfected his ability to reduce the amount of energy he expends while concurrently increasing the return on various and sundry benefits that he receives, not the least of which is time to do nothing.

While B.F. as the alter-ego of the author of this blog is generally personified in a slightly skewed, and possibly humorous presence on these pages, he does have a serious side, an intellectual side (to the extent that he is capable), a kinder-gentler side and a humanistic side.

B.F. shares a home with his wife and adult daughter, and the three of them are permitted to exist in the home by the four superior feline beings who really rule the roost. The moniker “Big Fella” refers to both his actual bulk and his sometimes overabundant personality, although he is working towards replacing “Big Fella” with “Regular Guy”.

B.F.’s major personal priority is for a life in pursuit of new knowledge, peace and joy for himself, his family and all fellow human beings.

Since starting this blog, B.F. has explored various facets of life in contemporary society and our physical world, learned about and renewed his appreciation for all living things, and regained his passion about those elements of life on this planet that are most important to him.  B.F. has also awakened to new political awareness and has become engaged in the political discourse.

B.F. is also a contributor to to Antemedius and invites visitors to BFD Blog! to check out the writings of his colleagues at that corner of the blogosphere.

Contact Big Fella: bfdblog@gmail.com

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