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Responsible Speech

In follow-up to my previous post: Here in the United States many people don’t seem to understand that the right of free speech comes with responsibilities. ¬†Your words have consequences, just as your actions have consequences. The Loughner character who … Continue reading

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Photo Posts New Home

I have created a second blog for my photography related activity.  Photo posts will no longer be published here but you can find photo posts and galleries at

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The Depth Of Irrelevance*

Paris Hilton has crawled her way to the depth of irrelevance by posing for and splashing pictures of her naked boobs across the Internet courtesy of News Of The World. Despite all of daddy’s and grandpa’s money, Paris can’t seem … Continue reading

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Breitbart vs Sherrod – Character Assassination Of The Worst Type

  Cartoon: Pat Bagley The lack of ethics and perversions of far right demagogues in the media (Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, et al) have no limits, making them astounding aberrations in the eyes of reasonable, educated … Continue reading

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America’s Biggest Threat: Succumbing To The Lies

How American Public Discourse Is Manipulated Through Fear & Ignorance The current debate about national health care is the most recent example of how savvy special interest groups will leverage base human emotions to sway public opinion, as opposed to … Continue reading

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The Creation of Knowledge, Values & Wealth In Contemporary America

And now, time for some commercial messages… (Hat tip to Ted.)

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Repressive Governments Always Fear The People

It is being reported over at The Blog Herald that China has begun aggressively blocking mainstream western Internet sites, including Twitter, Hotmail, YouTube,, and Bing among others. Apparently all in anticipation of the Tianamen Square Massacre on June 4. … Continue reading

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