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The Search For Intelligent Life At Amazon

An open letter to Jeff Bezos and AMAZON.COM: Dear Jeff: For the most part I have been a satisfied customer of AMAZON.COM over the years, but my experience with your web site today has caused me to be concerned that … Continue reading

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Pardon Our Dust

We have upgraded the underlying WordPress software that powers BFD Blog!, and as with any significant software upgrade, there are a few kinks that need to be worked out. So please don’t get too aggravated with us if you cannot … Continue reading

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Now Playing: BFDTV

BFD Blog! is proud to present BFDTV, our video viewing page focussed on news and politics.  BFDTV includes direct feeds from YouTube and direct links to cable and broadcast network programming. Please check out BFDTV by clicking here, or on … Continue reading

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A Bit Of Housekeeping

Away from your primary computer and need your fix of the BFD Blog!  But you can’t remember it’s obtuse URL?  Not to worry, just key the following in to your browser: BFDBLOG.NET Your browser will be re-directed to the home … Continue reading

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The Shafting Of Our Career-Soldiers

The picture painted in yesterday’s posting about the shabby treatment by the U.S. Army of our reservists and national guard members who have been called up and deployed to Iraq, is possibly even grimmer for our career military personnel.  In … Continue reading

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B.F. Is In The House!

After a twelve day expedition though a major “house of fun” at an outpost of the American health care system, the Mrs. broke me out last night (despite threats of reinsinsurtion of the 3 inch fire hose up the family jewels … Continue reading

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So Where Have I Been?

Here it is, about seven months from the time that I began this blog, and this is only the second posting that I am publishing.  The gap is due to the fact that I have been investing most of my time … Continue reading

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