Cindy Williams: I Am “Un-friending” You

I am talking to you, Cindy Williams, the actress who achieved initial fame in “LaVern & Shirley”.  I went to high school with you and accepted your friend request a while back, when you were apparently new to Facebook.  When I accepted your friend request I replied with a nice personal message, but never heard back from you.  I figured you were probably busy, and did not worry about it.  Shortly thereafter I started receiving literally hundreds of suggestions from Facebook that I “friend” other people that you, Cindy, had “friended”, people that I never heard of, people who I never went to school with.

What has amounted by this time to literally thousands of friend suggestions landing on my computer monitor has been exacerbated by seeing totally unrelated photos and other images show up in my News Feed supposedly tagged with your name Cindy.  Now, tonight I see the following show up in my News Feed supposedly from you:


Cindy, that status update, which was apparently written by someone who works for you confirms my suspicions that you have no interest in being my friend.  You just want to market yourself to me.  You are nothing more than just another Hollywood commodity, wanting me to buy some tickets.  That was not you reaching out to me when I received your friend request, that was someone on your payroll who exploited those of us in your old high school class who are on Facebook.

You couldn’t just set up a fan page like other celebrities, you set up a personal page and used me to create synergy for your Facebook presence, so instead of my just being able to “like” you as on any other celebrity’s page, you are able to capture my personal information on Facebook to use for your own commercial purposes, information that I trusted you with because I thought you were my friend.

No more, I’m done Cindy, I will be un-friending you.

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Countering Rush Limbaugh & His Ilk

Bill Eignor, whom I admire as a very articulate blogger, and outstanding human being has a post up on and at titled: The Face Of The Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, Racist Douche. In his posting he calls out Limbaugh, and by association the Republican party as racists, and in partial summary says:

Limbaugh is a shame to this nation, but he is a self inflicted shame to the Republican Party. Their continued association with him, their willingness to fete him at major conservative gatherings with no challenge to his awful, despicable and on going bigotry must have President Lincoln rolling over in his grave at what his party has become.

I have to say that I do agree with Bill Eignor, but rather than directing all of my angry energy at  either Limbaugh or the Republican party, I have got to say that we all share some responsibility for this state of affairs.

Yes, Rush Limbaugh is a racist douche, but he does have a large audience, and the likes of Boehner, Gingrich, Bachman, Paul et al have all learned that pandering to that audience is what gets them elected. His “agenda” has earned Limbaugh millions of dollars of income, and that is probably what really motivates his sorry ass. What is his agenda? Stirring up his consuming audience based upon their fear and ignorance, for his own personal power (keeping him at the top of the ideologue totem pole) and gain (money).

How do we combat Limbaugh’s agenda? By doing a far, far better job of educating our children. By recognizing that what is seriously lacking in much of the political “discourse” that is hashed out to the consuming public via the media, is a lack truthfulness, a lack of rational, factually correct counter point that is required of a true democracy. The ability to exercise critical thinking is being lost by the public. Our children are being programmed via the corporate/media/marketing forces in our country to become gullible, all consuming idiots, who will swallow anything they hear, see or read, without a moment’s hesitation to consider alternative views.

We need to teach our children to use critical thinking, and maybe that means concentrating on their reading and writing skills in the early years, and not relying on television and video games to supplant our responsibilities as teachers and role models for our children.

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Veterans – They Are You, Don’t Forget Them


Veterans may be your fathers, your mothers, your brothers, your sisters, your neighbors, your teachers, your waiters, your bankers, your firefighters, your doctors, your gardeners, your janitors, your grocers, your police officers, your mechanics, your plumbers, your newspaper deliverer, your postal delivery worker, your dog walker, your attorney, your garbage man, your bus driver, your employer, your employee, your rival.  Out of all of those roles, and the numerous other roles other citizens have in our lives, one common thread is that veterans have in the past, or now, serve you and all of our extended American Family as committed members of the armed forces.

Don’t forget the sacrifices that veterans have and will continue to make so that all of us can continue to live a peaceful, comfortable life.

If you do not want your own children to become veterans, or worse, casualties, one day, make our leaders and government representatives find a way to resolve conflict at home and in the world, or find a way of advancing the agendas of their corporate sponsors, without using our children in the military as their fighting proxies.

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Laura Richardson’s Financial Juggling Back In The News

Long Beach congresswoman Laura Richardson, who I have discussed here before in my posts titled “Congresswoman Richardson, Put Your House In Order” and “Laura Richardson Strikes Again” is still trying to juggle her negatively accruing financial assets.

The Capitol Weekly is reporting that the infamous Sacramento house, that Richardson was able to reclaim from a foreclosure, (and how she managed to swing that has never  been explained), is now on the market in a short sale.  Originally financed for $535,001 when Richardson bought the house, the asking price now is $399,000.  Richardson is reportedly $42,000 in arrears on house payments.

Thank you congresswoman Richardson for continuing to contribute to the financial collapse of the United States.  Greedy bankers and unqualified, greedy, and possibly fraudulent “buyers” like yourself have all contributed to the mess that has now put the hurt on all Americans’.   Those of us who have not over extended ourselves, who have paid our bills on time and met our financial commitments, who were not overly greedy or grasping, now pay the price for your bad judgement and  bad financial behavior, with tighter credit markets and loss on investments.

The shame of it all, is that the overwhelming Democrat majority in your district is apparently unaware of your record, and will likely return you to Congress, where you can continue to hone your pork barrel skills.

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Wouldn’t you know it…

…the short guy with the chip on his shoulder has got to have the  biggest desk.

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Christine O’Donnell Is Not A Moron…

…she is just a mouse brained human that got mixed up in a gene splicing experiment.

As she stated  in her appearance in 2007 with Bill O’Reilly on Fox:

O’DONNELL: … these groups admitted that the report that said, “Hey, yay, we cloned a monkey. Now we’re using this to start cloning humans.” We have to…

O’REILLY: Let them admit anything they want. But they won’t do that here in the United States unless all craziness is going on.

O’DONNELL: They are — they are doing that here in the United States. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. So they’re already into this experiment.

Hat tip to Daily Kos.

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Photo Posts New Home

I have created a second blog for my photography related activity.  Photo posts will no longer be published here but you can find photo posts and galleries at

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