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Governance By A Single Political Party: The Demorepublicrats

It is the only rational conclusion a thinking person can attain.  The United States is not governed by operatives of either one or the other of two major political parties.  There is only one major political party that is always … Continue reading

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Countering Rush Limbaugh & His Ilk

Bill Eignor, whom I admire as a very articulate blogger, and outstanding human being has a post up on Antemedius.com and at Squarestate.net titled: The Face Of The Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, Racist Douche. In his posting he calls out Limbaugh, … Continue reading

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What Do You Want For America?

The blogger who identifies himself as What The Dog Said, has a very interesting post titled “What Do You Want For America” over at theAntemdius blog.  Rather than focusing in on relatively narrow partisan issues, which seems to be the … Continue reading

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